Kew House secures planning consent

Piercy Conner has been granted planning permission for a new-build family home in the Kew Green Conservation Area in Richmond-Upon-Thames. A rare contemporary addition within this traditional neighbourhood, the new house is created by carefully inserting a crisp weathered steel volume into a 19th century brick shell in the shadow of Kew Gardens.
The 4 bedroom family home draws on the adjacent Royal Botanic Gardens and original vernacular buildings for guidance. The weathering steel is perforated with an interpretation of the leaf pattern of a mature tree, creating softly dappled shadows in the spaces below. Externally the stippled steel forms are both contemporary and fitting for the conservation area, softened by the retained brick walls. In this way the lines between traditional and Modern, conservative and contemporary, are blurred. The house is designed to be zero maintenance and carbon neutral.
Clients Tim and Jo Lucas have started a blog about their house here

Section Model : section showing the south wing nestled into the ground by 1m. A tree will grow through all the levels of the house allowing you to enjoy & access the canopy a reference to Enid Blyton’s ‘Magic Faraway Tree’ © 2011 Piercy Conner

Palette: Weathering steel shell behind retained brick walls - Palette based on the shifting colours of Kew © 2011 Piercy Conner

Plan model: Simple plan form with two wings and a bridge link ,the shadow describes the strong roofscape © 2011 Piercy Conner

Perforated Weathering Steel: mock up of water jet cut perforated oiled weathering steel skin producing dappled interior light © 2011 Piercy Conner